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Facts on Werewolf and Werewolves
Werewolf and Werewolves image credit goes to vdta


I always liked the genre of mystic stories. Wolfs, Legends, Knights, Witches, Wizards and so much more. It's a fascinating world with lot's of artistic and wonderful content.

Werewolves are it’s own class. Rich of fascinating artwork, wonderful stories and topics. And that’s the main reason why I dedicated an ULTIMATE PAGE for such wonderful creatures.

I always wanted to know more about the actual stories, the folklore and sagas. And so I thought – why not collecting all these things and why not publishing on my blog ? There are tones of questions. Do Werewolves exist in real life ? And if so, what can the history teach us ? Is there any proof that Werewolves exist ?

There are so many  questions I simple always wanted to have answered. And that’s how it all started. I wanted to know as much as possible. Facts, History, Stories, Legends, Folklore, Origin, Mythology etc. Basically a full encyclopedia about these creatures. I am still standing at the beginning, but I think I could collect already lot’s of valuable information about Werewolves.

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Werewolf Lyrics Fiona Apple

I was digging deeper and found another related song which was to me - till today - totally unknown. The Artist's name is Fiona Apple. And I found it interesting that she also published a song about this topic.


Werewolf Lyrics Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple image all copyrights go to www.fiona-apple.com


Lyrics to Werewolf from Fiona Apple


Werewolf Lyrics

featured image credit goes to rufus

Cat Power Werewolf Lyrics


And another interesting song also related to the Werewolves. The Cat Power Werewolf Songs sound very sensitive with a bit of a serious and sad touch. 

I personally like film scores and movie soundtracks - which can sound also a bit depressive. However, for sure interesting to read the Werewolf Cat Power Lyrics  and and to think more about the actual meaning.

Resource Download: The Werewolf Cat Power Lyrics:

Werewolf Cat Power.doc
Cat Power Werewolf Lyrics.pdf
Werewolf Cat Power Lyrics.txt

I am going to search for more related hits. My journey just started. If you also know artists which have been writing a wonderful Werewolf piece – please let me know, send me an email and feel free to post.

Werewolf Cat Power
Werewolf Cat Power

To the Artist:
Her real name is Charlyn Marie Marshall. She was born 1972, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her father was known as a blues guitarist. Like in many families, her parents got divorced.

Her stepfather got lot’s of different jobs and so they have been traveling a lot across the US. She grew up in a very religious family and learned to sing in church. She got influenced by stories about Satan, God, Saints, Demons and Angels. She personally mentioned that it’s all about folks tales, like it is with Werewolves and related things.

Surprising is the fact, that she doesn’t seem to be very close to her mother. She also learned to play guitar by herself, is not the best in reading notes and chords. However, she freaking learned how t play the guitar. And heck yeah, that’s all what you need, that’s all what counts, right ?

Werewolf Cat Power
Werewolf Cat Power – public image from her Facebook Page

When I was digging into her Facebook Timeline.. I could almost feel how it must have been when she was a kid. For sure .. she is driven.. she has a strong passion for music and … I can’t tell what it is.. but in her songs … I can feel it …  she must be a very sensitive person.

Also .. a character that kinda reflects sadness in her songs. So yes, for me she is actually a really cool performing artist, songwriter, and musician. Besides her artistic singing career she is sometimes acting and modeling. Lot’s of respect to her.

Girl… where have you been all these years and why did we never met ? Absolutely interesting character… would love to go for a looong coffee with her…. and listen what she has to tell about her life and Cat Power.

featured image credit goes to Cesar Perdomo

Werewolf Lyrics

Cocorosie Werewolf Lyrics


Another song about Werewolves. Wonderful. First time ever I heard about The CocoRosie Werewolf song- well.. let me think... yes, it was when I did my research work for Arthalla. And this is also where I found the "Lyrics to Werewolf".

The style of the sisters group is kind of unique and different. Anyways, this song fits to my Werewolf Directory. I thought it might be also interesting to listen to that song. Not sure what her thoughts have been when she wrote the text – hard to tell. Maybe someone can help me out a bit here and tell me more about that. Would be cool.

Cocorosie Werewolf Lyrics

Anyways, as always.. I was digging and was able to find the video below.

Cocorosie Werewolf Lyrics

And additional to the audio and video find below the original Cocorosie Werewolf Lyrics  – ready to download – but keep in mind all copyrights are going to CocoRosie of course.

Werewolf CocoRosie.txt

The song “Werewolf by Cocorosie” seems to sound a bit unique. However, she reached millions of people and her listening audience seems to grow.

I found another clip published on a french TV channel. This time it’s a Cocorosie Werewolf Live performance.

And for all the US Fans.. believe it or not. She was also already live in Washington, Seattle. Not to far away from me and the needle. lol;



Like I mentioned earlier. Her style is unique. However I am going to collect everything related to Werewolves. If it’s about songs, music videos, films, movies, etc. just all art related.

There are lot’s of interesting topics to cover and I hope I can find as much related artwork as possible.

Just a bit more about the Band. CocoRosie is the name of the group, or let’s say the two sisters who founded the band. And you bet, the first girls name is Coco and her Sister is Rosie. But heck, the names are the artists names.

The group formed in 2003. The music style is called “freak folk”. Hehe.. sounds already pretty freaky, right ?

Both have been moving around in the US – yeah, sorry to not mention it. They were born in the US, grow up in Iowa and Hawaii.

What’s interesting is the fact that both didn’t even finish High School. Parents got divorced when they have been kids – and the mother thought they learn more about art from real life. Hmm… very interesting point of view, isn’t it ?

Keep in mind, art, artists and all different kind of artwork is the core of ARTHALLA. And heck yes, it’s good to see the world a bit different. Stay weired and enjoy the artful world of ARTHALLA !


Werewolf Movies

Werewolf Movies

This is the ultimate list of the best Werewolf Movies List ever !


The Boy Who Cried Werewolf


A Canadian Werewolf in Hollywood (1987)

A short comedy spoof of John Landis’ classic werewolf movie.


Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf, The (1985)

In this kids television special, a young child has the ability to turn into a werewolf for exactly two minutes.


Alegres vampiras de Vogel, Las (1975)

Also Called: Vampires of Vogel
Two girls take refuge in a creepy European castle, owned by a mysterious count and full of all sorts of supernatural creatures.


Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolf Man (2000)

After having recurring nightmares, Alvin the chipmunk becomes convinced that the next door neighbour, Mr Talbot, is a werewolf.



An American Werewolf In London (1981)

Also Called: American Werewolf
Two American tourists are attacked by some kind of animal on the Yorkshire moors. One is killed, and the other suspects he’s becoming a werewolf.


An American Werewolf In Paris (1997)

Also Called: American Werewolf 2
An American tourist in Paris falls in love with a young woman and finds himself entangled in a supernatural mystery …


Aullido del diablo, El (1987)

Also Called: Howl of the Devil
An epic Paul Naschy horror film in which he plays eight different roles, including Waldemar Daninsky the werewolf.



Bad Moon (1996)

A family invites their uncle to stay with them, unaware that he has brought back a terrible curse from a recent trip to the amazon.


Band from Hell, The (2009)

also Called: Neowolf
A young couple find themselves battling ancient evil when a rock band comes to town.


Beast Must Die, The (1974)

Also Called: Black Werewolf


In this mystery thriller, the viewer is invited to figure out which of.


Beast of Bray Road, The (2005)

Inspired by actual events, this independent horror movie tells the story of the “Wisconsin Wolf Man”.


Beast of the Yellow Night (1971)

Eddie Romero wrote and directed this movie about a man who is granted eternal life by Satan, and in return he must become a murderous beast.


Beast Within, The (1982)

After being raped by a werewolf-like creature, a woman gives birth to a child who years later turns into a beast determined to create more offspring …


Beauty and the Beast (1962)

This particular version of the classic tale is noteable due to Wolf Man-like makeup created by Hollywood legend Jack Pierce.


Bestia y la espada mágica, La (1983)

Also Called: The Werewolf / The Beast and the Magic Sword, La Bestia y los samurais
The ninth movie in the Waldemar Daninsky saga explores Japanese legends and stories of the Samurai knights.


Big Bad Wolf (2007)

A group of college kids on a weekend getaway are set upon by a ferocious werewolf. One of the survivors begins to suspect the beast was his stepfather …


Big Fish (2003)

An estranged son recalls his dying fathers life through the fairytale stories he told when he was a child. Excellent movie, but only a brief werewolf segment.


Big Top Scooby-Doo! (2012)

The eighteenth Scooby-Doo film in the straight-to-video series sees the gang travel to a circus to investigate supernatural occurences.


Bites : The Werewolf Chronicles (2003)

Another werewolf offering from low-budget horror movie maker Kevin J. Lindenmuth, which tells the stories of two men infected with lycanthropy.


Blood (1974)

In this gothic horror movie from notorious film-maker Andy Milligan, a werewolf in the 1930’s teams up with Dracula’s daughter.


Blood and Chocolate (2007)

A girl from a werewolf family falls for a human, and is torn between the dangers and customs of her werewolf pack and her own personal happiness..


Blood of Dracula’s Castle (1969)

Also Called: Dracula’s Castle, Castle of Dracula
A murderous werewolf and a young couple arrive at the castle of Count Dracula and his wife.


Blood of the Werewolf (2001)

Three short movies tell of the terrifying myth of the werewolf in this independent movie production.


Blood Slaves of the Vampire Werewolf (1996)

A very low-budget amateur movie directed by and starring veteran B-movie actor Conrad Brooks.


Bloodz vs Wolvez (2006)

A blaxploitation horror flick about a bitter urban turf war between two supernatural rival gangs; a vampire clan (“The Bloodz”) and a werewolf pack (“The Wolvez”).


Blue Moon (1998)

A college boy is cursed with lycanthropy, and has just three days to find a cure before turning permanently into a wolf.


Bosque del lobo, El (1971)

Also Called: The Ancines Woods, El Bosque de Ancines, The Wolf’s Forest, The Wolfman of Galicia, El Hombre Lobo
In this Galician tale, a rapist and murderer is thought to be a werewolf.


Boy Who Cried Werewolf, The (1973)

After a wolf attack one night, a young boy begins to suspect that his father has become a werewolf.



Boy Who Cried Werewolf, The (2010)

A family from California inherit a Romanian castle in an updated of the 1973 movie of the same name.


Breaking Wind (2012)

Another spoof of the Twilight series of vampire romance films, featuring a version of the werewolf character Jacob.


Brothers Grimm, The (2005)

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are conmen who pose as exorcists, but in one town they must face some real-life horrors, including a werewolf.


Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

Also Called: Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein / Meet the Ghosts, Brain of Frankenstein 

A freight handler is abducted by Dracula for horrific purposes. His good friend and the Wolf Man try to rescue him.


Buenas noches, señor monstruo (1982)

Also Called: Goodnight, Mr Monster (direct translation)
This obscure horror parody is the first film in which Paul Naschy plays a werewolf not identified as Waldemar Daninsky.


Werewolf Spells


This page is dedicated to Werewolf Spells. The ultimate List and Collection of magic Werewolf spells that really work. I was crawling the web to find the best of the best.

My journey just started. And so far, I am pretty excited about it. I am not just hunting specifically for Werewolf Spells that work. I know there are many fantastic written pieces out there. However, my passion is strong and I am digging deep.

If you know some spells to become a werewolf instantly or any general good resource – please feel free to make a comment or to write me an email. It doesn’t matter if you know some easy werewolf spells or spells to become a werewolf instantly.

I love them all and want to hear more about them. Also, if you made a cool video or you found some secret, mystic and totally unknown sources – again, I appreciate any little help.



It’s been always a wonderful and mystic topic. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, or what skin color you have.

A Magic Werewolf Spell and it’s power can be found almost everywhere on this planet. But from where is this mystery actually coming from ? Who invented it ? Or is it all true based on actual stories ? On real stories ?

As you might know, I just started this exiting journey to hunt down the truth. I became a never restless Hunter – with fever, passion and driven for finding the ultimate sacred kraal.

Arthalla is the place for all of you who believe in our special and wonderful realm. And if I wouldn't be as different - this place wouldn't exist. And if you feel you might be different as well - please get in contact with me. Please help me to establish our special world - ARTHALLA.


Werewolf Spell Side Effects

As you know, there are many known werewolf spell side effects. I try to record all of them. Just in case, you want to make sure you know what you are dealing with, right ?

Also, please don’t be shy. It can be Werewolf Spells for girls – actually very hard to find or just any Real Werewolf Spells that work. Keep in mind – I am also collecting cool Audio Files. So all kinds of books, old scriptures, graphics, photos, images, snapshots, cards, etc.

You see.. I am a Hunter and Gatherer when it comes to Werewolf Transformation Spells. Ahhhooooo…..

I am still at the beginning of my wonderful journey. But I can tell you already that I am super stoked and happy to collect such wonderful pieces. And I know for sure, that this collection is going to be a little treasure box. Including for sure an Alpha Werewolf Spell.


It’s hard to find a Werewolf Spell that works. Especially if I am going to find testimonies. Yes, you hear me.. I call people, I interview them, I write emails, I dig deep. I hunt and gather and I want to know it all. Myth, Facts, Fantasy and Reality.

Werewolf spells that really work

Spells to turn you into a werewolf are as old as Humans told stories about such creatures. And many people are convinced that there are werewolf spells that really work.

Well yeah, we all have to start small. And so do I. But what counts is the quality, the passion, the interesting and wonderful topic about mystic related things. And I guess it’s about time to collect such fantastic things – it’s art – yes, it always ways.

Some may sound like rhymes – others… I don’t know.. sounds like a poem. But they all do have one thing in common. They carry magic power, spiritual energy that was written down since human existence.

This is cool – this is the ARTHALLA COLLECTION ! Our united place – for creative souls – artists and all friendly and peaceful human beings. A special place in which were are united – in which we can let go. ARTHALLA !


I love to read real Werewolf spells that work. Just imagine the transformation, the ultimate mystic power !

For now, I am trying to collect every single piece as a .pdf document. So we can download, print and share such magic pieces. Also, please keep in mind. It’s hard for me to track back all copyrights. But like always, I give my best to make sure every author and publisher is mentioned and get’s full credits.

If you find real spells to become a werewolf and you think the credits are wrong or that the copyrights belong to someone else – please send me an email. Again, I apologize in advance if I made some mistakes or if I couldn’t find the copyrights.

But it’s not a big deal. Please let me know and I am going to change it immediately.
I am trying to sort them all by alphabet – so you will find for instance “real spells to become a werewolf” under the letter “R”. And another example, let’s say it’s called “Spells to become a Werewolf” you will find all these ones under the letter “S” – since it’s always the first Letter – I hope that makes sense.

I have to do it this way, because I can’t and do not want to change the original content written by the author or publisher.

That being said “Werewolf Spells for Real” is found under the letter “W” – same letter and example with “werewolf transformation spells”.

Ok, I hope this is now absolutely clear.

However.. last but not least… real werewolf spells do exist. I also want to track where it’s origin is. Country and also time. When you consider that someone 500 years ago was reading the same words – with some special ceremony’s. Creepy ? Just Interesting ? It carries lot’s of weight – lot’s of mystic and magic content.

Werewolf Transformation


My passion and interest for Horror Movies started already as a child. I was about 8 years  old when I saw a crazy realistic looking Werewolf Transformation on TV.

For me, it felt so real – of course, I was just 8 years old and wasn’t suppose to see that scene at all.  However, it was a trailer from the movie “An American Werewolf in London”, produced already in 1981.

The Werewolf Transformation Process was done very well – and as far as I remember the maker used Stop Motion Techniques in order to create this crazy visual effect.

The movie is old – but I have to say, the effect is until today pretty amazing. On this page I want to dig a bit deeper into the World of Werewolf Transformations, Visual Effects, Animation and Movies.

So let’s fasten your seat belt please… the crazy ride starts right here.

First of all, look at the crazy effects from The Movie  “An American Werewolf in London”.Another film in which a TF is shown is “The Wolfman”.  Anthony Hopkins plays the father of the Wolfman. Even if the story seems to be very cheesy, the movie wasn’t to bad and the visual effects TF was very well done.

If not seen yet, watch the trailer of the movie below:

And here is the crazy TF-Wolfman:

Lawrence transforms again, creepy Werewolf Transformations.

and here is the VFX Breakdown from MPC:



I’ve seen quite a lot of movies in which the VFX industry tried to create stunning effects. However, I always had a hard time to see a female werewolf transformation.  And this is where the saga “Underworld” plays a part. One of my absolute favorite Vampire and wolf movies.

Female Werewolf Transformation
Female Werewolf Transformation – image credit goes to BagoGames

First of all – I really like the story. Second, the concept art and design is pretty amazing. And on top of it, you have great cinematic visuals.

Art direction, cinematography and even the soundtrack – it just goes very well together. Very well done. And also the visual effects are looking great.

Especially the opening sequence is pretty amazing. You can see the wolfs attacking the vampires … while running they transform… pretty nice stuff. Some of the scenes are really brutal – maybe to brutal and scary – but hey, what you expect – it’s about Werewolves and Vampires.

I am still hunting for the best of the best Female Werewolf Transformation. And guess what.. I figured.. Hollywood didn’t do lot’s of them ! Actually I am having a hard time to find any good looking ones.

I found a few trailers from the US and UK TV Show called “Being Human“.

And then.. I was bumping into that cheesy Female Werewolf Transformation. Well.. in my opinion.. really bad VFX work.

I can imagine they didn’t have a big budget. lol;

There is also a show running it’s called “Bitten” – and yes, you bet – it’s also on SyFy.

Yeah, yeah.. lot’s of wannabe’s Effects – but most of them are garbage.

Since lot’s of these TF-Sequences are really terrible – please help me out ! If you know any better sources – please send me an email and feel free to post a comment – appreciate it.



I am always looking for the best of the best spells. For Spells that are really working. If you know any – please – feel free to send me an email or just simple post a comment.

Find below some of the collected ARTHALLA Werewolf Transformation Spells.

Werewolf Spells.zip
Werewolf Transformation Spells.pdf
Real Werewolf Spells.doc

another spell I could find on youtube:

Keep in mind – these are Werewolf Transformation Spells. If you check out the ARTHALLA-WEREWOLF DIRECTORY you will find one huge page with an ultimate collection just about Werewolf Spells.



I am constantly looking for inspiring Werewolf Transformation Stories. I figured that there are lot’s of different genres and categories. This lead to the idea to create the so called ARTHALLA WEREWOLF STORIES MASTER COLLECTION. An assortment of the best Werewolf Story Writers and Book Authors, sorted by specific topics.

I am going to publish as many updates as possible. And of course, any help is more than welcome to make sure the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF STORIES MASTER COLLECTION stays up to date with the best of the best.

This Master Collection is also listed in the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF DIRECTORY. Go there, browse the directory – check it out and find the ultimate source of the world’s best Werewolf Stories. And also, for all of you – if you are new and you are having troubles understanding the shortcuts – TF stands for Transformation.

Download Resource below:
Werewolf Transformation Stories.pdf

Don’t forget to check out the main page that collects ALL Werewolf Stories.



I started searching for very unique content – and guess what. I was able to dig out some really cool written short female werewolf transformation stories.

Writers and authors which haven been pulling of amazing stuff. So yes, I couldn’t resist and decided to start collecting them.  Yes… if you are new to ARTHALLA then please make sure you check out the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF STORIES PAGE.

This directory contains an ultimate collection of fantastic written Werewolf Stories.

That being said, below an excerpt of some of such stories:


But that’s just the beginning. There is more and more and more about that topic. I freaking love it.




Let’s continue with all TF related things. I was also searching for some awesome werewolf girl transformation. But heck…  I was looking freaking everywhere. Even on Japanese anime sites, comic sites, any kind of classic animation series – but nothing. Not one single video that would show a girl transforming.

Well… I usually don’t belong to that group of people who scream about discrimination – but quite frankly. Why the heck are there only male monsters transforming all the time ?

Is it simple the fact that a TF thing is mainly a  mascular genre ? I just don’t want to except that as a fact. So if there is anybody out who knows any cartoon animation, any werewolf girl transformation – please let me know.

I almost see myself ending up doing a cgi visual effect on my home computer. lol; Just kidding.. but heck, would be really cool to find at least one simple sequence.

Well below is a short clip from a TV Show. Women get’s into the elevator.. and boom.. there it happens….


However, it’s pretty hard to find any girl werewolf transformation. So please feel free and help me out with some good stuff.






Werewolf Comics are out there – or let’s say they do exist since I am a child. For some reason I never found any specific Epic Comic Werewolf stories. Is it just me or is it just a super tiny niche in which  werewolf webcomic exists ?

I can’t seem to find some serious Werewolf comic books – regardless at what store I am looking. And for sure – I also wasn’t able to find any real cool looking TF Comic series.

What the heck is that ? Please, if you know some serious good artwork in the world of Werewolves and Comics – please help me out here. Thank you so much for any little help – appreciate it.

Below is a tiny little summary of topic related things I was able to find and collect. As you can see, it’s not a huge list. But hey, butter then nothing, right ?


I also figured out that lot’s of people are into Female Werewolf Comic Art. That’s awesome. Find below a huge collection of that specific comic art.

And here some pages I was able to find and collect:

Female Werewolf Transformation Comic
Werewolf Transformation Comic
Cartoon Werewolf Transformation
Girl Werewolf Transformation
Real Werewolf Transformation
Woman Werewolf Transformation
Werewolf Transformation Cartoon
Werewolf Transformation Animation
Being Human Werewolf Transformation



I could also find out that dailymotion has lot’s of female werewolf transformation animations. Some of the Sequence are really crazy. It’s a colorful mix. Some are comic animations, some of them I found from TV Shows.

Check them out:



It was also interesting to find out that the Video Game Skyrim has lot’s of Artwork that contains… yes.. believe it or not… some female werewolf transformation.

And again.. Lydia turns into a beast – damm it.




Female Werewolf Transformation Art
Female Werewolf Transformation Art – image posted in the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF GALLERY

It’s the core of ARTHALLA – where all people with strong passion for Art get together and share their wonderful ideas. And also share the believe in a different life style – a life, with the ultimate joy and power of ARTHALLA. A strong community that shares passion for art  – driven and motivated to make everybody’s life richer. Rich and filled with adventure – a journey and ride full of excitement. Your life, your families life, your friends life.

Since this topic is so big and represents THE HEART OF ARTHALLA – you are going to find specifically for Werewolves a separate Art Category. That being said, make absolutely sure to jump to the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF DIRECTORY – there you’ll find all sub categories and all related art topics for Werewolves.

Artwork about this genre is just fascinating. And so many things are related – and melt together at ARTHALLA.

Just let me try to list a few things – so you might find your own field of interest.

Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings, Sketches, Music, Composing, Crafting, Concept Art, Costumes, Make Up, Design, Book Authors, Artists, Creative Ideas, Fine Arts,  Movies, Special Effects, 3D Artwork, Digital Artwork, Computer Graphics, Renderings, Modeling, Texturing, Matte Painting, Photography, Cinematography, Acting, Fashion, Apparel, Glass Blowing Artist, Jewelry Designer, Vintage Design, Medieval History, Knights, Dragons, Sword Maker and Sword Making, Weapon Designer, Dance Choreography, Acting & Actors,  Entertainment, Event Presentation, Lighting Artist, Architectural Design, Mask Creator, Storyboard Artist, Animator, Puppet Maker, Film Scores, Tattoo Artists, Tattoo Designs, Musicians and so much more and more and more and more.



feature image credit goes to Christophe McLaren



On this page I collect everything related to the Artist Warren Zevon and his famous song Werewolves of London. 

SHORTLIST: What can you find on this page ?
- Chords, Tabs, Lyrics, Sheet Music
- Interactive Info Graphics, Free PDF's
- Video Tutorials [How to play piano/guitar/bass]
- Original Song by Warren Zevon
- Meaning of the Song
- other performances
- all related Artwork to Warren Zevon
- Warren's last Interview
- a Documentary about Warren's final days
- Werewolves of London Movie

This song is really cool and it's a perfect fit for the ARTHALLA-Werewolf Directory. To understand the whole context of this song - make sure o read the Werewolves of London Lyrics.


So here we go. First comes first. Let's get the right positive atmosphere and attitude. How ? You bet - just listen below to the original version from Warren Zevon. That song was actually published on Zevon's 1978 album Excitable Boy. Wopaaa... it's been a while ....


I also included The Werewolves of London Chords, Tabs, and Lyrics. Additional to that, I collect and provide the best Videos from around the world which have been uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, etc. 

But for now, let's get started with The Werewolves of London Chords. 
Download Werewolves of London Chords.pdf


Download Werewolves of London Tab.pdf



Download Werewolves of London Lyrics.pdf
On top of it I collected some different recordings from Warren Zevon. I was able to find multiple versions from this awesome track. Thank you youtube and users.

And here is the scene from the movie “The Color of Money” – where Tom Cruise shows off and at the same time Paul Newman was getting a bit upset with his young padawan – because he didn’t lose the game.

Wow – looking back, it’s bloody scary how young Tom Cruise looks like. Damm it.. am I getting older ? When and where can I finally become a Vampire that lives forever ?

Anyways… watch and enjoy – good times:


First time I heard the song playing in the radio - I wasn't really sure about the lyrics. And I didn't even pay attention. However, after all I got more curios and was wondering: What is this guy singing about ?

A hairy beast that loves Chinese food ?  So heck no, I totally wasn't sure what's that suppose to mean ? What is this song about ?  

After all, I started to dig. And heck yeah, I wanted to have some answers. My primary question was: Does an actual Werewolves of London Meaning exist ? 

Is there anything I should actually know about this track ? And if so, what is this story about ? And why the freaking hell is he singing about the full-moon beast ?

Some answers:
As I made my research I found out that the whole story about this song was actually quite simple. Warren and his band members have been watching  the classic Movie “Werewolf of London” – which was produced 1935. Wow – pretty old stuff, right ?

However.. the band members had a crazy idea ! How crazy would it be, to write a dance song about the hairy beast ? Imagine, a freaking dancing Werewolf ? Wouldn’t that be unique, crazy and funny ? Wouldn’t that be something the world is waiting for ?

Boom. The idea was born and so the band members started to write the song. I don’t really know who did what. If Warren was actually writing the melody, the chords, the beat.. and the lyrics ? Maybe someone has more specifics about it. But I couldn’t find any clear evidence that would proof the fact who did what.

So if there are any hardcore fans out there – yes, yes and yes. Please feel free to help me out, to post your comments and let me know some more details. I am looking forward to it.

However… the most important thing is: The song has the beat, is simple, fun and positive. And people can remember AAAhoooooo.

Digging more into the story:
The Werewolf of London Lyrics made it clear that the guy liked Chinese Food at a place called Lee Hoo Fook in Soho.

Boom. That was another reason for me to see if that place actually exists. I looked it up and found a restaurant in London. And guess what. It really exists. Wow. 

So keep in mind, if you are ever in London and you would like to know what restaurant he meant in his song - just google it, get there and make sure you order your Chow Mein.
Werewolves of London Lyrics - Le Ho Fook Restaurant London
Le Ho Fook Restaurant London – image credit goes to Bryan Ledgard

Why he saw this beast ? I have no clue. Maybe he was just stoned ?

Maybe that made the werewolf in london lyrics so famous ? Who really knows, right ?

Then he obviously talks about an old lady and that he could hear the monster in the kitchen. Hmm… I assume in the kitchen of the asian restaurant.

Warren Zevon Werewolves in London Lyrics
Warren Zevon Werewolves in London Lyrics – image credit goes to Klaus Hiltscher

Warren Zevon Werewolves of London Lyrics are till today very unique. There isn’t anything else to compare. Looking at the image above – yes, he also looked a bit like a hairy beast – didn’t he ?

I am extremely thankful for his wonderful song and artwork he left for us. When ever I can listen to his song - it makes me just feel good.


I was also able to find other variations of this Hit – for instance, performances by artists like Kid Rock.

Yes, believe it or not. This song made it also into the FOX TV-Show GLEE ! Aaaaahooooooo is just freaking everywhere !



Yes, there is actually the classic Werewolf of London Movie which was produced 1935. And this old classic movie was actually the base and reason for Warren Zevon and The Werewolves of London Song.
Werewolf of London Movie 1935
Werewolf of London Movie 1935

If you can tell me more about it and if you want to share your personal thoughts – awesome.

I would love to hear your opinion. Please feel free to post your comments and please – be humble and respectful with each other and the comments – this is ARTHALLA – no need to fight about anything – yes, even if you prefer vanilla ice cream but I like so much the strawberry flavor; lol; that’s fine – THANK YOU !



First comes first. I found an interview from Warren at the David Letterman Show. Yes, believe it or not it was from 1982.

And then.. it’s already 1987 and Warren is back with another interview at David Letterman.

Holy Molly - one of his last interviews one year before he died on his damm lunge cancer was again at Letterman, on October 30th 2002. Actually, it's really freaking scary how much fun he made on the fact his was freaking dying.

I am pretty sure it must have been freaking hard for him to act as relaxed as he did. In front of millions of of people. If people get such a diagnosis – holy crap. Isn’t there any freaking guru-doctor out in this freaking world who could finally cure this damm cancer ?

I hate it.. I hate it.. I hate this freaking CANCER CRAP ! However... this interview with David Letterman on October 30th in 2002 - it was actually pretty hard for me to watch. Even with all the laughs in it. I don't know. You need strong nerves I guess.

So here we go.. fasten your seat belt please and watch the first part. In my opinion – pretty intense !


and here we continue with Part 2 – damm.. this performance was crawling into my bones.

and here we go, let’s watch Part 3 – Genius

and finally Part 4



I can’t tell a lot about this documentary – but it feels very raw and authentic. I wish I would have found something more uplifting. But hell, what can you expect when you are freaking dying and you reflect about your life ? A short one.. to short in my opinion !


I also collect all related artwork, like paintings, drawings, sculptures from Artists around the world. I really like that. It's a cool spot and place to have all related artwork in one nice image gallery.

SO check out the ART GALLERY - the Gallery contains many more pictures than the one you can see in the preview. Just click next and browse through all of them. It's worth it - enjoy !



Just in case, if you would like to play that wonderful song with your guitar or piano. Feel free to try your own version. I collected some Video Tutorials in which you can learn: How to play the Werewolves of London.


And now, it’s about time to switch to some cool private sessions I found on youtube. I liked the version from privettricker on youtube. I think he jams pretty well with the hairy beast – thumbs up – good job man !

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