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Cat Power Werewolf Lyrics


And another interesting song also related to the Werewolves. The Cat Power Werewolf Songs sound very sensitive with a bit of a serious and sad touch. 

I personally like film scores and movie soundtracks - which can sound also a bit depressive. However, for sure interesting to read the Werewolf Cat Power Lyrics  and and to think more about the actual meaning.

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I am going to search for more related hits. My journey just started. If you also know artists which have been writing a wonderful Werewolf piece – please let me know, send me an email and feel free to post.

Werewolf Cat Power
Werewolf Cat Power

To the Artist:
Her real name is Charlyn Marie Marshall. She was born 1972, in Atlanta, Georgia. Her father was known as a blues guitarist. Like in many families, her parents got divorced.

Her stepfather got lot’s of different jobs and so they have been traveling a lot across the US. She grew up in a very religious family and learned to sing in church. She got influenced by stories about Satan, God, Saints, Demons and Angels. She personally mentioned that it’s all about folks tales, like it is with Werewolves and related things.

Surprising is the fact, that she doesn’t seem to be very close to her mother. She also learned to play guitar by herself, is not the best in reading notes and chords. However, she freaking learned how t play the guitar. And heck yeah, that’s all what you need, that’s all what counts, right ?

Werewolf Cat Power
Werewolf Cat Power – public image from her Facebook Page

When I was digging into her Facebook Timeline.. I could almost feel how it must have been when she was a kid. For sure .. she is driven.. she has a strong passion for music and … I can’t tell what it is.. but in her songs … I can feel it …  she must be a very sensitive person.

Also .. a character that kinda reflects sadness in her songs. So yes, for me she is actually a really cool performing artist, songwriter, and musician. Besides her artistic singing career she is sometimes acting and modeling. Lot’s of respect to her.

Girl… where have you been all these years and why did we never met ? Absolutely interesting character… would love to go for a looong coffee with her…. and listen what she has to tell about her life and Cat Power.

featured image credit goes to Cesar Perdomo

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