Cocorosie Werewolf Lyrics


Another song about Werewolves. Wonderful. First time ever I heard about The CocoRosie Werewolf song- well.. let me think... yes, it was when I did my research work for Arthalla. And this is also where I found the "Lyrics to Werewolf".

The style of the sisters group is kind of unique and different. Anyways, this song fits to my Werewolf Directory. I thought it might be also interesting to listen to that song. Not sure what her thoughts have been when she wrote the text – hard to tell. Maybe someone can help me out a bit here and tell me more about that. Would be cool.

Cocorosie Werewolf Lyrics

Anyways, as always.. I was digging and was able to find the video below.

Cocorosie Werewolf Lyrics

And additional to the audio and video find below the original Cocorosie Werewolf Lyrics  – ready to download – but keep in mind all copyrights are going to CocoRosie of course.

Werewolf CocoRosie.txt

The song “Werewolf by Cocorosie” seems to sound a bit unique. However, she reached millions of people and her listening audience seems to grow.

I found another clip published on a french TV channel. This time it’s a Cocorosie Werewolf Live performance.

And for all the US Fans.. believe it or not. She was also already live in Washington, Seattle. Not to far away from me and the needle. lol;



Like I mentioned earlier. Her style is unique. However I am going to collect everything related to Werewolves. If it’s about songs, music videos, films, movies, etc. just all art related.

There are lot’s of interesting topics to cover and I hope I can find as much related artwork as possible.

Just a bit more about the Band. CocoRosie is the name of the group, or let’s say the two sisters who founded the band. And you bet, the first girls name is Coco and her Sister is Rosie. But heck, the names are the artists names.

The group formed in 2003. The music style is called “freak folk”. Hehe.. sounds already pretty freaky, right ?

Both have been moving around in the US – yeah, sorry to not mention it. They were born in the US, grow up in Iowa and Hawaii.

What’s interesting is the fact that both didn’t even finish High School. Parents got divorced when they have been kids – and the mother thought they learn more about art from real life. Hmm… very interesting point of view, isn’t it ?

Keep in mind, art, artists and all different kind of artwork is the core of ARTHALLA. And heck yes, it’s good to see the world a bit different. Stay weired and enjoy the artful world of ARTHALLA !