Tattoo Cost

Tattoo Cost

How much do Tattoos Cost ?

5 Ways to Beat the High Cost of Tattoos


Consider 5 important points before you pay your Tattoo Artist.  

It makes sense that you want to make sure you pay the right price – that’s totally and you are doing the right thing. This post is going to help you to figure out what your Tattoo should actually cost. So let’s jump straight into the 5 Tips I believe you should know before paying.

1. Select a Tattoo First

Tattoo Cost
image credit goes to Rique Froes

Before you go shopping you should make sure you have already an idea about the Tattoo you want to have. This makes the whole process much easier. If you are absolutely unsure about the genre and artwork of your Tattoo  feel free to browse within my blog and get some more inspiration.

I put all my passion into ARTHALLA because I really believe in our special place.  If you want to know more about Arthalla, please check out my about page, appreciate it. Let’s say you have been able to pre-select your  Tattoo  you should be able to identify a few key elements.

  • How big is your Tattoo (size matters) ?
  • Will it have different colors ?
  • Will it have different layers ?
  • Will it be done in one sessions ?
  • How much detail do you want ?

If you don’t know all of these points – don’t worry. Every good Tattoo Artist will try to help you and tell you what would be the best. However, make sure you print out your pre-selected Tattoo or you save it digitally on your smartphone. Just make sure you bring it with you when you visit the Tattoo artists. It’s a very good starting point, to have a visual guide when you talk to your Artist.

Keep in mind, that Tattoo is a pre-selection. It is used to visualize your ideas, your inspiration, your beliefs and suggestions. An artwork and style you are actually looking for. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be the absolute final artwork.  With that, your journey and inspiration just starts.

Again, try to use it as a starting point and as a guide to tell your story when visiting your local artist. It should be an inspiring and creative experience. I strongly believe that every Tattoo should be special. Unique in it’s story, unique in it’s artwork. It’s as precious as YOU are. And I also think there is so much more value, identity and character behind if you can discuss and express your vision and ideas with every single visit.

2. Check the Reputation

Tattoo Price
image credit goes to Frank Kovalcheck

I believe it’s very important to check the reputation from as many local studios as possible. And not just the Studios – dig deep and make sure you are getting to know the names of some Artists – especially from you local area. You’ll pretty soon figure out that the word of mouth spreads fast. If you can here multiple times a specific name of an Artist – and people say, yes..  that specific Artist is doing a really good job – this is a very good sign. But never just trust the reputation alone. However, it might lead you to the best Artists in your area.

Make sure to ask as many people as possible for Artists they would recommend creating your Tattoo. You want to make sure that the best Artists in your area should be considered. After evaluating the reputation and picking up names it’s mandatory to visit them. Get the contact data, name of the Studio, full name of the artist and his nickname, make a phone call and schedule an appointment.

3. Check your local area

image credit goes to Mirci

Now,  it’s time to check as many of your leads. When having your appointment, speak about your desires, your fears, and feel free to ask many questions.  Make also sure the Tattoo Artist can show you references. Tattoos he did in the past – you also want to make sure that you have seen his portfolio. Once you saw his artwork you can also see the style and quality.

Look around you and also check the Studio environment. It matters if the space is clean or not. When browsing his portfolio, it will automatically lead into the question how much a tattoo will cost. Ask about the size, different colors, or layers and sessions it might take to finalize the Tattoo. Let the Artist talk, and let him give you a price for some Tattoos he is showing you from his Portfolio. Once you have seen his work, show him the Tattoo you pre-selected. Remember, the one you should always take with you.

Give the artist some time – you should be able to get a price from him. Make sure to get a written offer – in that case, you have a valid piece of paper. The tattoo cost is clearly to see and you have a record of a price that will allow you to compare the cost with all further offers.

As you can see, you use your pre-selected Tattoo as a reference. When you’ll receive all other offers you always refer to the same Tattoo. This should help you to see the actual price difference.

4. Make Notes

image credit goes to David Morris

I strongly believe in making notes during and after your visit. In my opinion, that’s the best thing ever. What should your notes be about ? Let me try to explain.  The price and cost of a Tattoo should not be seen as an absolute number. You might get a cheaper offer but the quality might not be as good.  So as you can see, the Tattoo cost is always relative to the Artist, the artwork, the quality, the size, and detail.

Additional to that, I believe there is one more thing that matters a lot – it’s your personal feeling.  Please do not forget about that and let me repeat. What matters a lot is your personal feeling, your instinct, your trust and connection you are able to sense when expressing your visions.  When you talk to the Artisty, you will notice if he cares about your story, if he is listening or not. You will “feel” if it’s the right person or not. Trust your guts, and yes.. trust your feelings.

I think now, after all, considering all these points it makes much more sense that the Tattoo Cost can bee seen relative to all these factors.  Artwork matters, personal style matters, trust and feeling matters. Make notes right after your visit and write down how you felt talking to the Artist. Make your personal ranking from 1-5. 5 Stars means outstanding. Make sure you keep your notes in a little book or if possible, maybe you can save it on your smartphone.

However, I strongly believe that this is one of the most important factors. You will “feel” if you are talking to the right person. And you will also see if the Artist takes really time for you, and if he is also listening to you ideas, wishes, and stories you have to tell about the artwork you wish to see on your body. I strongly believe, you should take that valuable time. Every Tattoo should be a unique special piece of art – it’s unique like your body. Your personal artwork, that should fit to your personal style, believes. A symbol for your character and your unique Spirit.

5. Compare and Discuss with Friends

image credit goes to Elizabeth Albert

Like mentioned before. Make sure you have been talking to many artists. As more as better it is. Make also sure you collected as many offers as possible, and that you have been making all your notes.  After all you’ll be able to build a much better picture. You’ll be able to get a very good overview about the Tattoo Cost. And I would say, also the personal value of your artwork.

And additional to that, you will be able to evaluate all other mentioned factors as well. On top of it, I strongly believe to discuss your thoughts and experiences when talking to Artists with your friends. Speak about it within your community. Layout the pros and cons, talk about what you felt when you have been visiting the Tattoo Studios and try to explain your experience.

Make sure to listen to the Elders (if possible) – try to be wise, smart and humble. Ask questions you might have not been asking before, or you simple forgot. Make absolutely sure you know everything upfront before you make a final decision. Do not forget to think about possible Tattoo Removals or any other Options you might have before getting your final Tattoo. you might want to consider a Temporary Tattoo first. You also want to make sure you got all information about possible health issues and risks about getting a Tattoo. However, finally you should have been able to collect lot’s of information.

And listen to your inner feeling – you should be absolutely comfortable about your decision. I strongly believe if you considering all these points will make sure to get a unique and outstanding quality Tattoo – an artwork you can be proud of, a masterpiece for your life.

featured image credits go to James Cridland