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On this page I collect everything related to the Artist Warren Zevon and his famous song Werewolves of London. 

SHORTLIST: What can you find on this page ?
- Chords, Tabs, Lyrics, Sheet Music
- Interactive Info Graphics, Free PDF's
- Video Tutorials [How to play piano/guitar/bass]
- Original Song by Warren Zevon
- Meaning of the Song
- other performances
- all related Artwork to Warren Zevon
- Warren's last Interview
- a Documentary about Warren's final days
- Werewolves of London Movie

This song is really cool and it's a perfect fit for the ARTHALLA-Werewolf Directory. To understand the whole context of this song - make sure o read the Werewolves of London Lyrics.


So here we go. First comes first. Let's get the right positive atmosphere and attitude. How ? You bet - just listen below to the original version from Warren Zevon. That song was actually published on Zevon's 1978 album Excitable Boy. Wopaaa... it's been a while ....


I also included The Werewolves of London Chords, Tabs, and Lyrics. Additional to that, I collect and provide the best Videos from around the world which have been uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, etc. 

But for now, let's get started with The Werewolves of London Chords. 
Download Werewolves of London Chords.pdf


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Download Werewolves of London Lyrics.pdf
On top of it I collected some different recordings from Warren Zevon. I was able to find multiple versions from this awesome track. Thank you youtube and users.

And here is the scene from the movie “The Color of Money” – where Tom Cruise shows off and at the same time Paul Newman was getting a bit upset with his young padawan – because he didn’t lose the game.

Wow – looking back, it’s bloody scary how young Tom Cruise looks like. Damm it.. am I getting older ? When and where can I finally become a Vampire that lives forever ?

Anyways… watch and enjoy – good times:


First time I heard the song playing in the radio - I wasn't really sure about the lyrics. And I didn't even pay attention. However, after all I got more curios and was wondering: What is this guy singing about ?

A hairy beast that loves Chinese food ?  So heck no, I totally wasn't sure what's that suppose to mean ? What is this song about ?  

After all, I started to dig. And heck yeah, I wanted to have some answers. My primary question was: Does an actual Werewolves of London Meaning exist ? 

Is there anything I should actually know about this track ? And if so, what is this story about ? And why the freaking hell is he singing about the full-moon beast ?

Some answers:
As I made my research I found out that the whole story about this song was actually quite simple. Warren and his band members have been watching  the classic Movie “Werewolf of London” – which was produced 1935. Wow – pretty old stuff, right ?

However.. the band members had a crazy idea ! How crazy would it be, to write a dance song about the hairy beast ? Imagine, a freaking dancing Werewolf ? Wouldn’t that be unique, crazy and funny ? Wouldn’t that be something the world is waiting for ?

Boom. The idea was born and so the band members started to write the song. I don’t really know who did what. If Warren was actually writing the melody, the chords, the beat.. and the lyrics ? Maybe someone has more specifics about it. But I couldn’t find any clear evidence that would proof the fact who did what.

So if there are any hardcore fans out there – yes, yes and yes. Please feel free to help me out, to post your comments and let me know some more details. I am looking forward to it.

However… the most important thing is: The song has the beat, is simple, fun and positive. And people can remember AAAhoooooo.

Digging more into the story:
The Werewolf of London Lyrics made it clear that the guy liked Chinese Food at a place called Lee Hoo Fook in Soho.

Boom. That was another reason for me to see if that place actually exists. I looked it up and found a restaurant in London. And guess what. It really exists. Wow. 

So keep in mind, if you are ever in London and you would like to know what restaurant he meant in his song - just google it, get there and make sure you order your Chow Mein.
Werewolves of London Lyrics - Le Ho Fook Restaurant London
Le Ho Fook Restaurant London – image credit goes to Bryan Ledgard

Why he saw this beast ? I have no clue. Maybe he was just stoned ?

Maybe that made the werewolf in london lyrics so famous ? Who really knows, right ?

Then he obviously talks about an old lady and that he could hear the monster in the kitchen. Hmm… I assume in the kitchen of the asian restaurant.

Warren Zevon Werewolves in London Lyrics
Warren Zevon Werewolves in London Lyrics – image credit goes to Klaus Hiltscher

Warren Zevon Werewolves of London Lyrics are till today very unique. There isn’t anything else to compare. Looking at the image above – yes, he also looked a bit like a hairy beast – didn’t he ?

I am extremely thankful for his wonderful song and artwork he left for us. When ever I can listen to his song - it makes me just feel good.


I was also able to find other variations of this Hit – for instance, performances by artists like Kid Rock.

Yes, believe it or not. This song made it also into the FOX TV-Show GLEE ! Aaaaahooooooo is just freaking everywhere !



Yes, there is actually the classic Werewolf of London Movie which was produced 1935. And this old classic movie was actually the base and reason for Warren Zevon and The Werewolves of London Song.
Werewolf of London Movie 1935
Werewolf of London Movie 1935

If you can tell me more about it and if you want to share your personal thoughts – awesome.

I would love to hear your opinion. Please feel free to post your comments and please – be humble and respectful with each other and the comments – this is ARTHALLA – no need to fight about anything – yes, even if you prefer vanilla ice cream but I like so much the strawberry flavor; lol; that’s fine – THANK YOU !



First comes first. I found an interview from Warren at the David Letterman Show. Yes, believe it or not it was from 1982.

And then.. it’s already 1987 and Warren is back with another interview at David Letterman.

Holy Molly - one of his last interviews one year before he died on his damm lunge cancer was again at Letterman, on October 30th 2002. Actually, it's really freaking scary how much fun he made on the fact his was freaking dying.

I am pretty sure it must have been freaking hard for him to act as relaxed as he did. In front of millions of of people. If people get such a diagnosis – holy crap. Isn’t there any freaking guru-doctor out in this freaking world who could finally cure this damm cancer ?

I hate it.. I hate it.. I hate this freaking CANCER CRAP ! However... this interview with David Letterman on October 30th in 2002 - it was actually pretty hard for me to watch. Even with all the laughs in it. I don't know. You need strong nerves I guess.

So here we go.. fasten your seat belt please and watch the first part. In my opinion – pretty intense !


and here we continue with Part 2 – damm.. this performance was crawling into my bones.

and here we go, let’s watch Part 3 – Genius

and finally Part 4



I can’t tell a lot about this documentary – but it feels very raw and authentic. I wish I would have found something more uplifting. But hell, what can you expect when you are freaking dying and you reflect about your life ? A short one.. to short in my opinion !


I also collect all related artwork, like paintings, drawings, sculptures from Artists around the world. I really like that. It's a cool spot and place to have all related artwork in one nice image gallery.

SO check out the ART GALLERY - the Gallery contains many more pictures than the one you can see in the preview. Just click next and browse through all of them. It's worth it - enjoy !



Just in case, if you would like to play that wonderful song with your guitar or piano. Feel free to try your own version. I collected some Video Tutorials in which you can learn: How to play the Werewolves of London.


And now, it’s about time to switch to some cool private sessions I found on youtube. I liked the version from privettricker on youtube. I think he jams pretty well with the hairy beast – thumbs up – good job man !

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