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Werewolf Movies

Werewolf Movies

This is the ultimate list of the best Werewolf Movies List ever !


The Boy Who Cried Werewolf


A Canadian Werewolf in Hollywood (1987)

A short comedy spoof of John Landis’ classic werewolf movie.


Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf, The (1985)

In this kids television special, a young child has the ability to turn into a werewolf for exactly two minutes.


Alegres vampiras de Vogel, Las (1975)

Also Called: Vampires of Vogel
Two girls take refuge in a creepy European castle, owned by a mysterious count and full of all sorts of supernatural creatures.


Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolf Man (2000)

After having recurring nightmares, Alvin the chipmunk becomes convinced that the next door neighbour, Mr Talbot, is a werewolf.



An American Werewolf In London (1981)

Also Called: American Werewolf
Two American tourists are attacked by some kind of animal on the Yorkshire moors. One is killed, and the other suspects he’s becoming a werewolf.


An American Werewolf In Paris (1997)

Also Called: American Werewolf 2
An American tourist in Paris falls in love with a young woman and finds himself entangled in a supernatural mystery …


Aullido del diablo, El (1987)

Also Called: Howl of the Devil
An epic Paul Naschy horror film in which he plays eight different roles, including Waldemar Daninsky the werewolf.



Bad Moon (1996)

A family invites their uncle to stay with them, unaware that he has brought back a terrible curse from a recent trip to the amazon.


Band from Hell, The (2009)

also Called: Neowolf
A young couple find themselves battling ancient evil when a rock band comes to town.


Beast Must Die, The (1974)

Also Called: Black Werewolf


In this mystery thriller, the viewer is invited to figure out which of.


Beast of Bray Road, The (2005)

Inspired by actual events, this independent horror movie tells the story of the “Wisconsin Wolf Man”.


Beast of the Yellow Night (1971)

Eddie Romero wrote and directed this movie about a man who is granted eternal life by Satan, and in return he must become a murderous beast.


Beast Within, The (1982)

After being raped by a werewolf-like creature, a woman gives birth to a child who years later turns into a beast determined to create more offspring …


Beauty and the Beast (1962)

This particular version of the classic tale is noteable due to Wolf Man-like makeup created by Hollywood legend Jack Pierce.


Bestia y la espada mágica, La (1983)

Also Called: The Werewolf / The Beast and the Magic Sword, La Bestia y los samurais
The ninth movie in the Waldemar Daninsky saga explores Japanese legends and stories of the Samurai knights.


Big Bad Wolf (2007)

A group of college kids on a weekend getaway are set upon by a ferocious werewolf. One of the survivors begins to suspect the beast was his stepfather …


Big Fish (2003)

An estranged son recalls his dying fathers life through the fairytale stories he told when he was a child. Excellent movie, but only a brief werewolf segment.


Big Top Scooby-Doo! (2012)

The eighteenth Scooby-Doo film in the straight-to-video series sees the gang travel to a circus to investigate supernatural occurences.


Bites : The Werewolf Chronicles (2003)

Another werewolf offering from low-budget horror movie maker Kevin J. Lindenmuth, which tells the stories of two men infected with lycanthropy.


Blood (1974)

In this gothic horror movie from notorious film-maker Andy Milligan, a werewolf in the 1930’s teams up with Dracula’s daughter.


Blood and Chocolate (2007)

A girl from a werewolf family falls for a human, and is torn between the dangers and customs of her werewolf pack and her own personal happiness..


Blood of Dracula’s Castle (1969)

Also Called: Dracula’s Castle, Castle of Dracula
A murderous werewolf and a young couple arrive at the castle of Count Dracula and his wife.


Blood of the Werewolf (2001)

Three short movies tell of the terrifying myth of the werewolf in this independent movie production.


Blood Slaves of the Vampire Werewolf (1996)

A very low-budget amateur movie directed by and starring veteran B-movie actor Conrad Brooks.


Bloodz vs Wolvez (2006)

A blaxploitation horror flick about a bitter urban turf war between two supernatural rival gangs; a vampire clan (“The Bloodz”) and a werewolf pack (“The Wolvez”).


Blue Moon (1998)

A college boy is cursed with lycanthropy, and has just three days to find a cure before turning permanently into a wolf.


Bosque del lobo, El (1971)

Also Called: The Ancines Woods, El Bosque de Ancines, The Wolf’s Forest, The Wolfman of Galicia, El Hombre Lobo
In this Galician tale, a rapist and murderer is thought to be a werewolf.


Boy Who Cried Werewolf, The (1973)

After a wolf attack one night, a young boy begins to suspect that his father has become a werewolf.



Boy Who Cried Werewolf, The (2010)

A family from California inherit a Romanian castle in an updated of the 1973 movie of the same name.


Breaking Wind (2012)

Another spoof of the Twilight series of vampire romance films, featuring a version of the werewolf character Jacob.


Brothers Grimm, The (2005)

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are conmen who pose as exorcists, but in one town they must face some real-life horrors, including a werewolf.


Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

Also Called: Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein / Meet the Ghosts, Brain of Frankenstein 

A freight handler is abducted by Dracula for horrific purposes. His good friend and the Wolf Man try to rescue him.


Buenas noches, señor monstruo (1982)

Also Called: Goodnight, Mr Monster (direct translation)
This obscure horror parody is the first film in which Paul Naschy plays a werewolf not identified as Waldemar Daninsky.