Werewolf Spells

Werewolf Spells


This page is dedicated to Werewolf Spells. The ultimate List and Collection of magic Werewolf spells that really work. I was crawling the web to find the best of the best.

My journey just started. And so far, I am pretty excited about it. I am not just hunting specifically for Werewolf Spells that work. I know there are many fantastic written pieces out there. However, my passion is strong and I am digging deep.

If you know some spells to become a werewolf instantly or any general good resource – please feel free to make a comment or to write me an email. It doesn’t matter if you know some easy werewolf spells or spells to become a werewolf instantly.

I love them all and want to hear more about them. Also, if you made a cool video or you found some secret, mystic and totally unknown sources – again, I appreciate any little help.



It’s been always a wonderful and mystic topic. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, or what skin color you have.

A Magic Werewolf Spell and it’s power can be found almost everywhere on this planet. But from where is this mystery actually coming from ? Who invented it ? Or is it all true based on actual stories ? On real stories ?

As you might know, I just started this exiting journey to hunt down the truth. I became a never restless Hunter – with fever, passion and driven for finding the ultimate sacred kraal.

Arthalla is the place for all of you who believe in our special and wonderful realm. And if I wouldn't be as different - this place wouldn't exist. And if you feel you might be different as well - please get in contact with me. Please help me to establish our special world - ARTHALLA.


Werewolf Spell Side Effects

As you know, there are many known werewolf spell side effects. I try to record all of them. Just in case, you want to make sure you know what you are dealing with, right ?

Also, please don’t be shy. It can be Werewolf Spells for girls – actually very hard to find or just any Real Werewolf Spells that work. Keep in mind – I am also collecting cool Audio Files. So all kinds of books, old scriptures, graphics, photos, images, snapshots, cards, etc.

You see.. I am a Hunter and Gatherer when it comes to Werewolf Transformation Spells. Ahhhooooo…..

I am still at the beginning of my wonderful journey. But I can tell you already that I am super stoked and happy to collect such wonderful pieces. And I know for sure, that this collection is going to be a little treasure box. Including for sure an Alpha Werewolf Spell.


It’s hard to find a Werewolf Spell that works. Especially if I am going to find testimonies. Yes, you hear me.. I call people, I interview them, I write emails, I dig deep. I hunt and gather and I want to know it all. Myth, Facts, Fantasy and Reality.

Werewolf spells that really work

Spells to turn you into a werewolf are as old as Humans told stories about such creatures. And many people are convinced that there are werewolf spells that really work.

Well yeah, we all have to start small. And so do I. But what counts is the quality, the passion, the interesting and wonderful topic about mystic related things. And I guess it’s about time to collect such fantastic things – it’s art – yes, it always ways.

Some may sound like rhymes – others… I don’t know.. sounds like a poem. But they all do have one thing in common. They carry magic power, spiritual energy that was written down since human existence.

This is cool – this is the ARTHALLA COLLECTION ! Our united place – for creative souls – artists and all friendly and peaceful human beings. A special place in which were are united – in which we can let go. ARTHALLA !


I love to read real Werewolf spells that work. Just imagine the transformation, the ultimate mystic power !

For now, I am trying to collect every single piece as a .pdf document. So we can download, print and share such magic pieces. Also, please keep in mind. It’s hard for me to track back all copyrights. But like always, I give my best to make sure every author and publisher is mentioned and get’s full credits.

If you find real spells to become a werewolf and you think the credits are wrong or that the copyrights belong to someone else – please send me an email. Again, I apologize in advance if I made some mistakes or if I couldn’t find the copyrights.

But it’s not a big deal. Please let me know and I am going to change it immediately.
I am trying to sort them all by alphabet – so you will find for instance “real spells to become a werewolf” under the letter “R”. And another example, let’s say it’s called “Spells to become a Werewolf” you will find all these ones under the letter “S” – since it’s always the first Letter – I hope that makes sense.

I have to do it this way, because I can’t and do not want to change the original content written by the author or publisher.

That being said “Werewolf Spells for Real” is found under the letter “W” – same letter and example with “werewolf transformation spells”.

Ok, I hope this is now absolutely clear.

However.. last but not least… real werewolf spells do exist. I also want to track where it’s origin is. Country and also time. When you consider that someone 500 years ago was reading the same words – with some special ceremony’s. Creepy ? Just Interesting ? It carries lot’s of weight – lot’s of mystic and magic content.