Werewolf Transformation

Werewolf Transformation


My passion and interest for Horror Movies started already as a child. I was about 8 years  old when I saw a crazy realistic looking Werewolf Transformation on TV.

For me, it felt so real – of course, I was just 8 years old and wasn’t suppose to see that scene at all.  However, it was a trailer from the movie “An American Werewolf in London”, produced already in 1981.

The Werewolf Transformation Process was done very well – and as far as I remember the maker used Stop Motion Techniques in order to create this crazy visual effect.

The movie is old – but I have to say, the effect is until today pretty amazing. On this page I want to dig a bit deeper into the World of Werewolf Transformations, Visual Effects, Animation and Movies.

So let’s fasten your seat belt please… the crazy ride starts right here.

First of all, look at the crazy effects from The Movie  “An American Werewolf in London”.Another film in which a TF is shown is “The Wolfman”.  Anthony Hopkins plays the father of the Wolfman. Even if the story seems to be very cheesy, the movie wasn’t to bad and the visual effects TF was very well done.

If not seen yet, watch the trailer of the movie below:

And here is the crazy TF-Wolfman:

Lawrence transforms again, creepy Werewolf Transformations.

and here is the VFX Breakdown from MPC:



I’ve seen quite a lot of movies in which the VFX industry tried to create stunning effects. However, I always had a hard time to see a female werewolf transformation.  And this is where the saga “Underworld” plays a part. One of my absolute favorite Vampire and wolf movies.

Female Werewolf Transformation
Female Werewolf Transformation – image credit goes to BagoGames

First of all – I really like the story. Second, the concept art and design is pretty amazing. And on top of it, you have great cinematic visuals.

Art direction, cinematography and even the soundtrack – it just goes very well together. Very well done. And also the visual effects are looking great.

Especially the opening sequence is pretty amazing. You can see the wolfs attacking the vampires … while running they transform… pretty nice stuff. Some of the scenes are really brutal – maybe to brutal and scary – but hey, what you expect – it’s about Werewolves and Vampires.

I am still hunting for the best of the best Female Werewolf Transformation. And guess what.. I figured.. Hollywood didn’t do lot’s of them ! Actually I am having a hard time to find any good looking ones.

I found a few trailers from the US and UK TV Show called “Being Human“.

And then.. I was bumping into that cheesy Female Werewolf Transformation. Well.. in my opinion.. really bad VFX work.

I can imagine they didn’t have a big budget. lol;

There is also a show running it’s called “Bitten” – and yes, you bet – it’s also on SyFy.

Yeah, yeah.. lot’s of wannabe’s Effects – but most of them are garbage.

Since lot’s of these TF-Sequences are really terrible – please help me out ! If you know any better sources – please send me an email and feel free to post a comment – appreciate it.



I am always looking for the best of the best spells. For Spells that are really working. If you know any – please – feel free to send me an email or just simple post a comment.

Find below some of the collected ARTHALLA Werewolf Transformation Spells.

Werewolf Spells.zip
Werewolf Transformation Spells.pdf
Real Werewolf Spells.doc

another spell I could find on youtube:

Keep in mind – these are Werewolf Transformation Spells. If you check out the ARTHALLA-WEREWOLF DIRECTORY you will find one huge page with an ultimate collection just about Werewolf Spells.



I am constantly looking for inspiring Werewolf Transformation Stories. I figured that there are lot’s of different genres and categories. This lead to the idea to create the so called ARTHALLA WEREWOLF STORIES MASTER COLLECTION. An assortment of the best Werewolf Story Writers and Book Authors, sorted by specific topics.

I am going to publish as many updates as possible. And of course, any help is more than welcome to make sure the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF STORIES MASTER COLLECTION stays up to date with the best of the best.

This Master Collection is also listed in the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF DIRECTORY. Go there, browse the directory – check it out and find the ultimate source of the world’s best Werewolf Stories. And also, for all of you – if you are new and you are having troubles understanding the shortcuts – TF stands for Transformation.

Download Resource below:
Werewolf Transformation Stories.pdf

Don’t forget to check out the main page that collects ALL Werewolf Stories.



I started searching for very unique content – and guess what. I was able to dig out some really cool written short female werewolf transformation stories.

Writers and authors which haven been pulling of amazing stuff. So yes, I couldn’t resist and decided to start collecting them.  Yes… if you are new to ARTHALLA then please make sure you check out the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF STORIES PAGE.

This directory contains an ultimate collection of fantastic written Werewolf Stories.

That being said, below an excerpt of some of such stories:


But that’s just the beginning. There is more and more and more about that topic. I freaking love it.




Let’s continue with all TF related things. I was also searching for some awesome werewolf girl transformation. But heck…  I was looking freaking everywhere. Even on Japanese anime sites, comic sites, any kind of classic animation series – but nothing. Not one single video that would show a girl transforming.

Well… I usually don’t belong to that group of people who scream about discrimination – but quite frankly. Why the heck are there only male monsters transforming all the time ?

Is it simple the fact that a TF thing is mainly a  mascular genre ? I just don’t want to except that as a fact. So if there is anybody out who knows any cartoon animation, any werewolf girl transformation – please let me know.

I almost see myself ending up doing a cgi visual effect on my home computer. lol; Just kidding.. but heck, would be really cool to find at least one simple sequence.

Well below is a short clip from a TV Show. Women get’s into the elevator.. and boom.. there it happens….


However, it’s pretty hard to find any girl werewolf transformation. So please feel free and help me out with some good stuff.






Werewolf Comics are out there – or let’s say they do exist since I am a child. For some reason I never found any specific Epic Comic Werewolf stories. Is it just me or is it just a super tiny niche in which  werewolf webcomic exists ?

I can’t seem to find some serious Werewolf comic books – regardless at what store I am looking. And for sure – I also wasn’t able to find any real cool looking TF Comic series.

What the heck is that ? Please, if you know some serious good artwork in the world of Werewolves and Comics – please help me out here. Thank you so much for any little help – appreciate it.

Below is a tiny little summary of topic related things I was able to find and collect. As you can see, it’s not a huge list. But hey, butter then nothing, right ?


I also figured out that lot’s of people are into Female Werewolf Comic Art. That’s awesome. Find below a huge collection of that specific comic art.

And here some pages I was able to find and collect:

Female Werewolf Transformation Comic
Werewolf Transformation Comic
Cartoon Werewolf Transformation
Girl Werewolf Transformation
Real Werewolf Transformation
Woman Werewolf Transformation
Werewolf Transformation Cartoon
Werewolf Transformation Animation
Being Human Werewolf Transformation



I could also find out that dailymotion has lot’s of female werewolf transformation animations. Some of the Sequence are really crazy. It’s a colorful mix. Some are comic animations, some of them I found from TV Shows.

Check them out:



It was also interesting to find out that the Video Game Skyrim has lot’s of Artwork that contains… yes.. believe it or not… some female werewolf transformation.

And again.. Lydia turns into a beast – damm it.




Female Werewolf Transformation Art
Female Werewolf Transformation Art – image posted in the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF GALLERY

It’s the core of ARTHALLA – where all people with strong passion for Art get together and share their wonderful ideas. And also share the believe in a different life style – a life, with the ultimate joy and power of ARTHALLA. A strong community that shares passion for art  – driven and motivated to make everybody’s life richer. Rich and filled with adventure – a journey and ride full of excitement. Your life, your families life, your friends life.

Since this topic is so big and represents THE HEART OF ARTHALLA – you are going to find specifically for Werewolves a separate Art Category. That being said, make absolutely sure to jump to the ARTHALLA WEREWOLF DIRECTORY – there you’ll find all sub categories and all related art topics for Werewolves.

Artwork about this genre is just fascinating. And so many things are related – and melt together at ARTHALLA.

Just let me try to list a few things – so you might find your own field of interest.

Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings, Sketches, Music, Composing, Crafting, Concept Art, Costumes, Make Up, Design, Book Authors, Artists, Creative Ideas, Fine Arts,  Movies, Special Effects, 3D Artwork, Digital Artwork, Computer Graphics, Renderings, Modeling, Texturing, Matte Painting, Photography, Cinematography, Acting, Fashion, Apparel, Glass Blowing Artist, Jewelry Designer, Vintage Design, Medieval History, Knights, Dragons, Sword Maker and Sword Making, Weapon Designer, Dance Choreography, Acting & Actors,  Entertainment, Event Presentation, Lighting Artist, Architectural Design, Mask Creator, Storyboard Artist, Animator, Puppet Maker, Film Scores, Tattoo Artists, Tattoo Designs, Musicians and so much more and more and more and more.



feature image credit goes to Christophe McLaren